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Mark Martinez, Christian Rite of Passage

Founded by Mark Martinez, this Christian Rite of Passage program was designed initially for his daughters to help them prepare for their transition from childhood to adolescence in 2011. Together with a group of peers and their fathers, Mark facilitated discussions allowing the children and parents a forum for discussions.

Parents found the initial program beneficial and Mark began leading other groups. During the program, he found that his children had the ability to hear from their peer's paraents rather readily about the pressures of society and how to cope with these constant pressures from a biblical worldview. He also found a means to structure their times into a program that can positively impact the lives of other parents and youth experiencing the same lifestage. CROP Ministries is that program.


Helping parents be the primary teacher and influencer

Parents today struggle with keeping up with their kids. Their child's world is moving so fast as a result of school, sports, music, and other extra-curricular activities. Technology has influenced our children to mature faster and be exposed to more things at an earlier age.

So how is a parent to keep up and to be the primary teacher and influencer in their child's life? The solution is a structured teaching program. A program in which the parent has to prepare very little, and only follow the lesson plans written with the child in mind.


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what we do

our vision.

Each graduate of the program will have established strong and open lines of communication with their parent(s) or mentor, and will strive to be a positive example of Christian conduct and character within their community.

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our mission.

The CROP program emphasizes teaching and preparation by the adult to the child in order to maximize the child's personal and spiritual growth.

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