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CROP Ministries Advisory Council:

kevin clayton

Kevin Clayton is the founder and CEO of Rise to Alive, a bold product and services company founded in 2022. He is a follower of Jesus Christ, Husband, Father, content creator, business professional, published author, freelance writer, public speaker, musician, producer, minister, and humanitarian.

"What do I do? My passion is to create - whether it's content, team environments, business opportunities, or relationships!"

Kevin Clayton

Elizabeth Wolfe

Elizabeth comes from a background of addiction, a life of gang & criminal activity, a teen mom, and has survived through domestic & sexual abuse.

Finding Jesus in a bathroom after a near death experience, her life changed forever. 

She is now a wife to the man that took her to a recovery center, a homeschool mom to their 4 kids, and an entrepreneur within the CDA area. She owns and operates Maudie's Digital Marketing, which focuses on Social Media advertising for small business growth.

Elizabeth has a heart of gratitude for what God has done in her life today and dedicates a portion of her time to give back to her community including the recovery program she graduated from, the Union Gospel Mission CWC, The Women's Gift Alliance, North Idaho Freedom Fighters, and CROP.

Elizabeth Wolfe

David Clinton III

David Clinton is a Christ-follower, husband, father, philanthropist, mentor, and real estate investor. He is passionate about seeing worldly resources used to advance God's Kingdom, by championing the great commission, the great commandment, and the creation mandate. He guides fellow Christians to true financial freedom - not freedom through the strength of their wealth, rather freedom from the burdens of materialism, the power of mammon, and the love of money that so easily entangles.

His wife, Robyn, is a fair-trade social entrepreneur who loves helping to make a difference in some of the world's most vulnerable communities.

They have been blessed with three amazing children, aged 12 / 9 / 8.

David Clinton III

Kaylyn Martinez Norris

Kaylyn Norris is the inspiration for the CROP Ministries program and is officially the first graduate of the first class ever conducted by her dad. She shares to this day the impact that the program had on her relationship with her dad and with God. Kaylyn is now married to the love of her life Bradley-Anthony and they have two beautiful little boys named Anthony and Cayden. She is currently homeschooling her oldest son Anthony. She loves to cook and bake. She can't wait for the day her sons go through the CROP program.

Kaylyn Norris

Jan Martinez

Jan Martinez is the wife of CROP Ministries founder, Mark Martinez. Jan is an accountant, and she has worked in the area of bookkeeping for over 25 years. She currently manages a small handful of clients in Idaho, Texas and California. She loves photography and has a gift for writing poetry. She and Mark have been married for 30 years and have two adult daughters and two grandsons.

Jan Martinez

Michael Ashley

Michael Ashley began his writing career as a newspaper reporter and playwright before transitioning to Hollywood to work for the head of the literary department at Creative Artists Agency—CAA. He also served as a screenwriter for Disney in which he sold the treatment for the hit Halloween movie Girl Vs Monster. A former screenwriting professor, Michael has written nearly 45 books on many subjects, including four on AI and Big Data.

He recently co-authored Own the A.I. Revolution (published by McGraw Hill) which launched at the United Nations and was named one of the year's top business books. Michael serves as a columnist for Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Becker's Hospital Review.

An ambassador to City.AI, an international organization committed to the ethical usage of artificial intelligence, Michael and his work have been featured in Fox Sports, Entertainment Weekly, The National Examiner, the United Nations' ITU News, The Orange County Business Journal, Newsbase, The Federalist, Huffpost, and The Orange County Register.

Michael Ashley

David Clinton IV (teen advisor)

David Clinton IV is an introspective, well-spoken, and well-read young man of 12. He is excited to be part of CROP, helping to usher him into manhood. He loves to read, have deep conversations, and play basketball, soccer, and Pokemon.

David Clinton IV (teen advisor)

Mark Martinez

Mark is the founder and creator of CROP Ministries. He was inspired to write and develop the program for his oldest daughter, Kaylyn, when she was 12 years old. He recognizes the importance of a Christian Rite of Passage for young teens and was unable to find a comprehensive parent-led teen mentorship program, so he wrote one. Mark's vision and mission is to move all his content online, so that families across the country and around the world have access to the same resources that has benefitted so many local families. Mark has been a business professional, pastor, elder and writer.

Mark Martinez

On Another Note ...

Additional Recommended Resources.

There are many additional resources which CROP Ministries recommends for additional guidance to parents as they raise their teens, as well as a parents own personal development. Please visit the organizations listed to right for more insightful information.