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The CROP Ministries Program
Resources Needed

As I consider the “big picture”, what the finished product would look like, I clearly recognize many areas in which I would need people and resources to come along side in order to take this to the next level. Below are some areas which immediately come to mind.

Prayer Team

This would be a group of men and women, boys and girls, who would uplift the organization, its members, its beneficiaries, and its prospects in prayer. They would be praying for God’s clear direction whenever decisions need to be made. They would pray for the proper people to come along side of us to build and prosper our efforts. They would pray that leaders would rise up to shepherd the children and keep them safe. They would pray that the lives of the children would be transformed as they cement their foundation of faith on Biblical principles. They would pray that both kids and adults who don’t know Jesus Christ as their Savior would come to know Him as they seek a solution in how to effectively transition from childhood into adolescence. The team would pray for opportunities to reach as much of the world as possible, and that doors would be opened to get the message of the Bible into as many households as possible. The team would pray for protection against the enemy, that attacks on the program both internal and external would be thwarted. In summary, the team would pray for God’s Name and Kingdom to be advanced so that the world would be changed.

Business Organization Team

This team would help me put together the organization/corporation. Should this be for profit? Non-profit? A blend of both? They would structure all organization elements, including articles of incorporation, bylaws, registration with secretary of state, IRS filings, vision/mission/purpose statements, seating of board members, annual reporting requirements, and compliance. In addition, this team would include accounting, finance, and tax professionals to maintain the financial health of the organization and to ensure that all monies have been well stewarded. Finally, budgeting and planning would be a key responsibility for this team to ensure the organization is operating within the blessings that God chooses to bestow upon us.

Editorial Team

This would be a group of men and women to work with me on each lesson, reviewing what has already been written, and editing content with proper scripture application. We would analyze what we believe God would want us to share, and ensure that the message of each lesson is properly communicated in an age-appropriate manner.

Graphic Design Team

This team would take the content produced by the Editorial Team and place it in a visually appealing page layout with design elements that are attractive and engaging, age appropriate to adolescents. This team would also transition the themes and brand to carry over into the marketing materials, web design, and other social media outlets. Included would be video production and editing responsibilities.

Web Development/Social Media Team

This team would have great responsibilities in ensuring that all content is available at all times online. All elements of the website, Facebook, Twitter, and other relevant social media outlets would be managed by this team. A great deal of the marketing, prospecting, fulfillment, donation, sales, and curriculum distribution would take place online. This team would build the website which would contain several stages to the process of customer engagement.

Public Relation/Promotions Team

This team would be responsible for all PR and promotion of the program. They would manage press releases and correspondence with media outlets (radio, television, print media, online media, parachurch organizations, and educational groups). They would schedule and manage appearances as part of local and nationwide promotion tours. The team would field inquiries and connect qualified opportunities with the right team and resources.

Fundraising Team

This team is responsible for fundraising activities which would enable us to scholarship every child to participate in the program who could not otherwise afford it. In addition to scholarship, funds raised would provide ongoing development of materials, as well as the maintenance of all strategies. Fundraising efforts would also support translation and localization of materials in different languages and various regions of the world. Fundraising would support development on “next step” curriculum to be marketed to additional life stages, such as preparing for dating, preparing for college, preparing for marriage, adapting for young marrieds, building for career, being a parent, and Christian leadership in the marketplace and our communities.

Strategy Team

This team is future focused. They see down the road, recognizing trends and opportunities, and determine what and when would be the best times to plan and release our products. They would develop and propose implementation plans whenever further reach opportunities are ripe for the harvest.


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So how is a parent to keep up and to be the primary teacher and influencer in their child’s life? The solution is a structured teaching program that includes both parent and child in a collaborative process of communication.

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Each graduate of the program will have established strong and open lines of communication with their parent(s) or mentor, and will strive to be a positive example of Christian conduct and character within their community.

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